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wrong turn. [Tuesday
[11:28P | 07-26-05]]
oops! i changed my mind! go back here.

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[04:48P | 07-21-05]]
i don't know about yall, but i'm not quite sure what's been going on with this whole jake-kristy-laney thing, but i'm tired of it, and i'm sure it was all just a misunderstanding. this is what i think:

dear jake,
ok, first off, i have not dumped you. i have always been your friend and you know that. and all your "d'iberville friends" do not hate you. and if you think that, iono, its ridiculous. sarah is not the only one that has been there for you, i have, but i can't read your mind, and if you ever need to talk, you know you can just call me. and yes, it may be true that laney being around kristy might hurt her. go figure, she still loved you. plus it would have been awkward. and as far as i know, i have never heard anything about you wanting to hang with us or do something. you're always with kristy, and thats ok. i understand. i'm almost always with alex. and if you and laney are such good friends still, then why would it be ok with you if kristy said all those mean and hurtful things about laney, if she's still your friend? don't take this the wrong way, but it looks like that maybe kristy doesn't want you to hang out with us at all just because of laney being there. and thats not too healthy.

so if you didn't get anything out of all that cuz it didn't make sense, then let me sum it up for you:
-do not make the mistake of thinking that all your d'iberville friends don't like you anymore just because you're not with laney, and then say you hate them all. that starts stuff too.
-do not take all of this the wrong way, don't get mad. i'm just trying to talk to you, i'm not trying to argue with you. i have never done that. you know that i love you like a brother and you're a great friend. i would hate for you to be mad at me for no reason.
-if you are happier with kristy, God bless you. i'm happy for you too. but don't like, rub it in laney's face, and don't let kristy either. its just wrong. i don't think laney wants to start anything with kristy or you, she just wants to be your friend, but you gotta understand, some thing might be different and harder for her since she's your ex.

ok, i've said my part. now everyone kiss and make up. :\ ♥♥♥
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ahem. [Wednesday
[02:25P | 06-15-05]]
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Friends Only.

Please and thank you.

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